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Our Regions & Hubs

Read more about our Regions and Hubs.

Our Pennsylvania Regions

Because Pennsylvania is such a large, diverse state, we strive to help PASA members connect with local resources and other members nearby. All current PASA members are assigned to a membership region when they join based on where you live within the map below. Although PASA's core membership programs are offered mainly within the state, we do have a substantial, supportive and growing membership base that flows over our borders into the Mid-Atlantic region and other countries!

We host educational events, periodic potlucks and informal farm tours, annual meetings, and other social events open to all PASA members and the public in each region. Visit our events page to see upcoming events.

Regional Map

PASA Community Board

PASA is excited to announce a new way to connect with others in the sustainable community: a Google Group called PASA Community Board. A great way to stay connected with events and announcements, It's free and easy to join and everyone is welcome.

While you can use any email address (i.e. a Gmail address isn't required), if you don't already have a google account, you may need to create one. Click here to join the PASA Community Board. Questions? Email

*PASA Community Board will replace the previous regional and topic Yahoo listservs which are being discontinued as of August 14, 2017.

Sustainability Hubs

PASA’s Sustainability Hubs will be the focal points of our educational programs through the SOIL Institute. This network of field offices will give PASA an expanded reach to engage with more farmers, businesses, and PASA members across Pennsylvania and in neighboring states. PASA staff at each Hub organize field days and other educational events, coordinate apprenticeships and new farmer training programs, and implement research projects on partner farms.

Find Your Hub:

Each Hub has a central office with PASA staff, but no discrete geographical boundaries. Instead, PASA members in Pennsylvania and bordering states can engage with the Sustainability Hub, or multiple Hubs, that are delivering programming that reflects their needs and interests.

6101 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: (814) 349-9856 x17
P.O. Box 756
Kimberton, PA 19422
Phone: (215) 804-4731
Coming Soon

Engage with your Hub:

  • Engage with other PASA members and help to grow our community.

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