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Food Alliance & the Rainforest Alliance Proposed Partnership

Posted by at Dec 04, 2012 04:35 AM |

PASA's partner, Food Alliance, recently announced they are working on an exciting new partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.

Agriculture in North America faces many social, economic and environmental challenges. As farmers worldwide must double food production on a declining land base by 2050, innovations are urgently needed. NGOs, farmers and agronomists north and south can learn from each other.

Food Alliance helps North American farmers achieve better social, economic and environmental outcomes through certification of sustainable management practices. The Rainforest Alliance is a global sustainability NGO known worldwide for its highly-respected farm and forest certification that addresses environmental, social and economic issues.

Both Food Alliance and the Rainforest Alliance were pioneers in sustainable agriculture. In partnership, they will achieve better outcomes in food and agriculture worldwide by delivering innovative tools that help farmers:

  • reduce reliance on declining fossil fuels,
  • reverse soil erosion and degradation,
  • preserve biodiversity and wildlife habitat,
  • prevent nutrient runoff and chemical pollution,
  • reduce pesticide exposure through Integrated Pest Management,
  • ensure humane animal care with no routine antibiotics,
  • support family farms and thriving rural communities.

More details coming soon!

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