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Have a business idea you would like to develop? Wondering what resources may be out there?

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Local Food Systems Website Provides Tools for Businesses to Develop and Collaborate

Do you have a new business idea that you’d like to develop?  Are you wondering what other businesses and resources are out there in the region to help your business idea grow?  

The Ohio State University has launched a new and improved Local Food Systems website to provide entrepreneurs with tools and resources to explore business ideas and build business ecosystems rooted in agriculture.  

The new site,, provides tools for entrepreneurs to explore their business ideas and the regional resources available to support them, map their ideas, and connect and collaborate with others to develop their business concepts into reality.

Local Food Systems helps entrepreneurs to connect to other entrepreneurs and to build networks between your outputs that might be useful as inputs for another business and vice versa. The website helps to foster cooperative relationships that strengthen the success of all the businesses in a network.

The business and entrepreneurial users of the site is diverse and growing. The more existing businesses and business ideas that are placed on the map, the more dynamic the site becomes. Take a few minutes to explore and share your business concept.

You may already see a few connections identified, and as the community of users grows, these networks should develop and expand into real-world opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate with one another and work together to grow the local food system in the region.

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