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PASA Board of Directors Message - Our Financial Challenges

Posted by at Nov 12, 2012 10:29 AM |

Dear PASA Members & Friends,

This year has been a challenging one for many within the PASA family. From a myriad of weather-related events, to personal losses within our extended membership family, it seems few have been untouched by an obstacle to overcome.

One thing that we know PASA members do very well, is come together as a family to support each other in times of need and rebuilding, and to also share resources, as we are all in the quest for a sustainable foodshed together.

Your organization hasn't been immune to difficulties. PASA has experienced its own financial challenges this year. While membership numbers continue to grow every year, and we've hit all of our Annual Fund goals internally, the situation involving external funding sources has become much more competitive and unpredictable. Over the years we have built an organization that is much less dependent on grants, but we remain vulnerable to big fluctuations and right now are experiencing a significant downturn in that area.

PASA's Staff & Board of Directors have worked together to identify various cost-cutting plans and have already implemented some measures that cut pretty close to the bone. We have instituted a wage freeze and put a hold on hiring staff, including seasonal conference staff. We have also been able to negotiate better deals involving some of our other fixed costs. But now we have to look for additional revenue in order to avoid curtailing on-the-ground programs.

Our goal for the future is to determine our minimal cost of operation, and then to cover this entirely with unrestricted, or minimally restricted sources of revenue. Ultimately, this means that we very much need the support of our membership for our most basic costs, which also keeps the influence of PASA's policies and priorities where it should be, with you!

To that end, here are 5 Things YOU Can Do to Make a Difference Right Now:

1.    Existing members can renew their annual PASA membership and consider giving a gift membership to someone this holiday season. If you are not a current member, please join!

2.    Contribute to our Annual Fund, which fuels programming rooted in education and support for farmers. Or, consider joining the Perennial Club, which is an easy monthly donor program - giving you the satisfaction of helping PASA throughout the year.

3.   Help promote PASA to your friends, neighbors and colleagues. We have various email templates, social media posts & general talking points available if you need help with creating messages.

4.    Registration for the 22nd Annual Farming for the Future Conference will open in late November. Please register early for this event while making a donation to the scholarship fund or becoming a Friend of the Conference to help offset costs.

5.    Volunteer to host a PASA event or participate in our Ways to Give program. Local networking opportunities like farm tours, potlucks or other social gatherings are also a great way for current members to introduce new faces to our work . . . please invite us and we will come!

As PASA has grown over the years, one thing that has not changed is our commitment to you and the need for all members to thrive as we all work to sustain our wonderful organization. We need all members to lend a hand as you are able.

Thanks, and many blessings to all of you this holiday season!

Jennifer Halpin
Chair, PASA Board of Directors

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