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2012 Farm Bill Update - let your voice be heard for sensible farm policy

Posted by at Apr 25, 2012 04:30 AM |

PASA is following Farm Bill developments along with our friends at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), and we are passing along their call to action.

NSAC is focused on these amendments and strategies:
•    Help more schools serve fresh, healthy, local food (the Casey farm to school amendment)
•    Provide critical support for beginning farmers and ranchers (the Leahy agricultural land easements amendment)
•    Use a “sodsaver” provision to protect ranchlands and native prairie (the Thune sodsaver amendment)
•    Ensure farm support goes towards working farmers by closing loopholes that allow corporate mega-farms to collect nearly unlimited payments (the Grassley payment limitations amendment)
•    Restore greater fiscal responsibility in farm policy by tightening income eligibility caps on commodity payments – and investing some of the savings into beginning farmer and rural entrepreneurship programs (the Brown-Nelson AGI amendment)

Please focus your efforts on the above points by contacting these Northeast Senators:

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - 202-224-4451
– remind her of the Thune sodsaver amendment (she’s already leading on a “seeds and breeds” amendment)
Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey - 202-224-6324
– remind him of the Grassley payment limitations amendment (he’s already leading on farm to school)
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy - 202-224-4242
– remind him of the Brown-Nelson AGI amendment (he’s already leading on another beginning farmer initiative)

When you call, simply ask for the staffer who works on agriculture, and deliver this message:  "I support sensible farm policy – it’s time for a better food and farm bill!  Please support the [issue-specific amendment names/sponsors here] and the Brown-Nelson AGI amendment!"

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