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PASA Education Events

The goal of PASA’s educational programming is to empower farmers to implement farming practices that improve farm profitability and reduce the farm’s adverse environmental impact while producing safe and healthy food for the community. PASA's educational events strive to offer delicious, local meals and provide ample farmer-to-farmer networking opportunities.

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, January 9
Chatham University, Gibsonia [Allegheny Co]

Diversified Vegetable Farm Financial Benchmarks


Thursday, January 11
Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown [Lancaster Co]

Diversified Vegetable Farm Financial Benchmarks


Saturday, January 18th
Kretschmann Organic Farm Rochester [Beaver Co]
Winter Apple Pruning & Maintenance for Organic Farms

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About our events

Field days, workshops, and webinars are the backbone of Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange activities at PASA’s SOIL Institute. These events are organized to give our leading farmers a forum to share what they know, and give all farmers - both experienced and beginning - an opportunity to ask questions and sound out new ideas. Depending on speakers and topics, these events may include farm tours, classroom presentations, or hands-on learning. We strive to offer delicious, local meals at our Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange events and provide ample time for discussion and networking. PASA members enjoy discounted registration to these events, but all events are open to the general public.

Grazing Cows

In addition, to educational events, PASA also organizes potlucks and social gatherings for all our members at various times throughout the year and across the state.

We also work to promote the events of many partner food and farming organizations in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Check our calendar often for updates!

Suggesting New Events
We're always looking for ideas and speakers for our events. If you'd like to host an event or have a suggestion, please contact Helen Kollar-McArthur, 814-349-9856 ext. 20.

Support a PASA event by contacting Helen Kollar-McArthur, 814-349-9856 ext. 20.

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Farm-Based Education Policies

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SOIL Institute

SOIL Institute

PASA's Farmer-to-Farmer Education Events are a major part of the SOIL Institute's work. Click the logo to learn more.

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