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Making Your Own Fertilizers & Bio-Inoculants

June 16, 2018 Making Your Own Fertilizers and Bio-inoculants

Event Overview
Heritage Farm
4300 Monument Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Date & Time
Saturday, June 16th

PASA Member $20
Non-Member $25
Event Description
Heritage Farm employs practices derived from Korean Natural Farming and JADAM to power a regenerative urban farm operation. Join Heritage Farm Manager Adrian Galbraith-Paul and his crew for this hands-on workshop in which participants will learn to prepare various fertilizers and bio-inoculants using on-farm materials (such as plant growing tips and crop residues), as well as common community waste products (such as coffee grounds, wood chips, and waste salmon). 

Preps covered in the course of this workshop will include Fish Amino Acid(Fish Fertilizer), Fermented Plant Juice, Water Soluble Calcium, Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate, Indigenous Micro Organisms, and Vermicomposting.
Speaker Information
Presenter Adrian Galbraith-Paul is the Farm Manager at Heritage Farm, in Philadelphia. Begun in 2011, the farm is 4 acres and consists of vegetables, flowers, berries, mushrooms, medicinal herbs, and an orchard. Equipped with four high tunnels and a greenhouse that greatly extend the growing seasons, Heritage Farm strives to bring care, attention to detail and passion to the treatment of our soil, vegetables, community and customers. Our farming practices are designed to grow the best quality vegetables, seeking inspiration from nature and the small scale organic farming movement. 

Assisted by seasonal staff, long-term volunteers and interns, our farmers grow fresh produce for women and children served by Methodist Services, the surrounding community, and select restaurants throughout the Philadelphia area.
Do you allow walk-ins?
Limited space is available for this event. Please contact Aaron de Long to see if space for walk-ins is available.
Is there financial aid for this event?
Sorry, there is no scholarship for this specific event.
What should I prepare/bring with me to this event?
Please wear appropriate footwear for walking in the outside.
Bring a reusable water bottle to fill on site and stay hydrated.
Bring a note-taking device.
Remember your business cards- PASA events are an excellent networking opportunity.
Bring your questions! Make the most of this event by preparing several questions for the day.
Will food be served? Yes. Lunch in included. Please let PASA know of any dietary restrictions upon registration. Dietary requests occurring less than one week prior to the event may not be accomodated.
Who do I contact if I have more questions about this event? Please contact Aaron de Long at (484) 680-3778 or for more information about this event.
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