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Andy Lyon

PASA Member Since 1996

Spring Meadows Farms

Millerton, Pennsylvania

Tioga County

Andy Lyon grew up in North Central Pennsylvania where the farming traditions were passed on from Yankee settlers and where oxen teams working in the fields were a typical sight. Andy described how, when he was a boy, all the older neighbors shared stories about farming with oxen. Although Andy’s father learned to train a team when he was just four years old, as farm equipment modernized, he traded in the oxen team for a tractor.  

Andy also grew up farming with modern equipment, but began looking honestly at what having money tied up in a tractor was costing him. He explained how, at the age of 31, he decided to “get back to the tradition of my Yankee heritage and took to working two teams of oxen on my pasture-based farm.”

Today – Andy, along with his apprentice, his oxen team, and other livestock are working together to create a healthy ecosystem at Spring Meadows Farm in Tioga County. In return, the farm business benefits from less investment in heavy equipment, freedom from oil prices, enhanced animal and plant health and increased profit…producing more quality food to fuel a farmer and making farming full-time possible. Spring Meadows Farm now markets grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, garlic, vegetables and pork. Milk cows supply most of the protein for the hens and hogs, and much of the grass-fed fat in the farmers’ diets. 

When asked about his involvement in PASA, Lyon replied that he first joined in 1996 for information about sustainable farming methods, but he has gained many other benefits as well. “By networking at the conference, I have gotten jobs.  The field days have given me many ideas and tips. Through ads in the Passages newsletter, I found farm land to rent.”

You can visit Andy at Spring Meadows Farm this October 11th at the PASA Field Day “Happy Animals Work for a Living” to see firsthand how this teamster is using livestock to manage the land and honor his farming heritage.

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