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Beth & Ken Marshall

Next Life Farm
PASA Members Since 1992

Homer City, PA (Indiana County)

Beth and Ken Marshall are not only Lifetime PASA members, but they have also been members of PASA for the lifetime of the organization - originally joining back in 1992! Beth and Ken have been at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement for decades now. Beth wasn’t a farmer yet when she attended the very first PASA conference ever held, but she was inspired by the impressive 500 people who attended that first year, and recognized a growing movement that she wanted to be a part of. Now, PASA’s annual Farming for the Future Conference has grown to over 2,000 participants, and the Marshalls have become well-established farmers and leaders in their community. 

After years of attending conferences and building their knowledge, Beth and Ken started Next Life Farm. Ken had been an R&D engineer and manager in a division of a very large multinational corporation for most of his career, and was happy to take an early retirement to help start their “next life” as farmers!  Next Life Farm became one of the first certified organic farms in Indiana County under the USDA national program, as well as one of the founding members of Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance, a farmer cooperative in southwest Pennsylvania.  

Beth and Ken built their farm with a commitment to sustainability. Beth explains that on Next Life Farm, sustainability means farming in a way that preserves the earth’s ability to produce food. For them, this means practicing organic agriculture. Beth explains, “Organic agriculture is certainly a philosophy about how to live your life, but it is also an alternate technology which has proven to be viable in the last 20 years. It will only get better with more research and practice. So, on our farm we are certified organic and proud of it.” She adds that the second part of sustainability for Next Life Farm is being economically viable. It’s the direct relationships that make a difference for a farm of their scale.  “The local producer has won the hearts and minds of the consumer. We love to interact directly with our customers. It keeps us farming.”

Currently, Beth and Ken Marshall grow certified organic produce for Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance, and Ken serves as the  president of the cooperative, applying his business experience to help it grow. They also sell at the Farmers at the Firehouse Farmers Market in the Pittsburgh Strip District.  What’s next for Next Life Farm? One day, they plan to “really retire,” but for now, they are focusing on expansion of their markets into the winter months, investing in new equipment to improve efficiency, and continuing to work hard to manage a sustainable farm that produces healthy food for their dedicated customers that mean so much to them.

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