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Business Member Profile - Myers Poultry

Diane Myers
Myers Poultry
South Fork / Cambria County
PASA Business Member Since 2012

Producing and consuming food that helps restore the ecosystem is one of the foundational tenets of the sustainable and local movement that PASA promotes. Not only does Diane Myers support this standard through her business, she also personally embodies the principles of sustainability in her character and contributions to the community.

As the typical American diet continues to evolve, demand for poultry has been on the rise. But we are also growing more judicious about the health and environmental impact of our foods. From organic farms selling to markets, free-range poultry and rural egg producers, to the expanding network of homesteaders—quality starts at the first hatch. And when it comes to day old chicks that grow out to exceed ‘eggspectations’, Diane has earned a reputation for selling quality day old poultry that ‘meats’ producer/growers and consumers’ needs with a variety of options for breed choices.

Diane Myers’ career began when she was a young woman in her teens and cultivated her specialty in caponizing roosters. This is a specialty often practiced in sustainable poultry farming, and a service for which Diane is frequently called on for her expertise. Since 1988, Diane and her husband Mark, and with the help of their three children, have grown Myers Poultry Farm LLC from its original niche in capons to a highly regarded, NPIP-certified poultry provider offering chickens, ducklings, turkeys, geese, guineas, game birds and more.

Every week (except a few holidays) freshly hatched chicks are delivered by the handful and shipped by the boxful from their Johnstown, PA area operation to commercial farms and households across the country. Selling over 1,000,000 meat birds and thousands of egg layers and other poultry annually, the Myers family has a loyal group of repeat customers that are a testament to the quality of the flocks and the service they provide.

When it comes to sustainable poultry farming, Diane is a strong proponent of each farmer determining the practices that best works for them to encourage the wellbeing of the birds, the land, and the greater agricultural community. Diane joined PASA in 2012 to further strengthen the relationships she has been forming over the past 26 years. “When customers call the office we often answer questions from how to raise baby chicks to what breed best fits the desires of the purchaser for meat type chicks, turkeys and layers,” says Diane. “I value my PASA membership not only as an opportunity to sell to fellow members, but because I strongly believe in and want to support the values that we all share. This is a community; if someone runs into challenges, we come together to help and share knowledge from our experience. I’m glad to be a part of it as a supplier and a beneficiary.” Learn more at

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