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Jeffrey Warden

Mill Hollow Farm LLC
Edgemont, PA
PASA Member Since 2008

“I first learned about PASA from a member. My wife Deb and I were beginning to think about how to start Mill Hollow Farm and my friend suggested I contact PASA for help getting information. (pictured at left, from left to right: Jeff Warden, wife Deb and Marilyn Anthony, PASA's eastern region director).

Deb and I attended our first PASA Farming for the Future Conference in 2009. We left there with stars in our eyes, and a conviction that PASA was an organization that had the depth and breadth of know-how we were looking to tap into. We were really impressed by PASA as a statewide resource with a national presence.

What does “sustainable” mean to us—that’s a very timely question since we are finalizing our business plan for Mill Hollow Farm. Every PASA member should have this answer in your back pocket. For us being sustainable means environmental practices with respect to the soil. But sustainability extends to the community, the farm itself financially, and to the well-being of all those working on the farm. The business has to have “legs” and be able to go on or years or even for generations. If you plan for and work toward sustainability, you end up becoming a resource for others who want to follow your lead. I’m taking my lead from PASA and other members, and hoping other people will follow us when they see what Mill Hollow is doing.

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