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Judy & Jonas Stoltzfus

PASA Members Since 1995
JuJo Acres Farm
Loysville, Pennsylvania
Perry County

A dedicated PASA member for over 17 years, Jonas credits his son and his son’s work with Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) for bringing his attention to PASA originally. “PASA is a great place to meet like-minded people and share new ideas around sustainability,” says Jonas. “It’s a place to discuss and solve problems in providing nourishing, safe food to our family, friends and customers.” Judy adds, “PASA is a great community where you can gain more knowledge in farming practices, where you can meet other farmers  who are open to sharing their insights, give encouragement where needed, and where you can be connected to an association that is open to helping young farmers be successful at sustainable farming.”

When asked about PASA’s role in influencing Jonas’ farming practices, he responds, “Three presentations from PASA workshops come to mind...Jo Robinson confirmed the value of grass-fed beef; Gearld Fry introduced the idea to me of bull beef - no more castrations at our farm; and, Sally Fallon confirmed the validity of eating animal protein.” Jonas quips, “Can you see that I am a grass-fed beef farmer?!?”

For Jonas and Judy sustainability is about following farming practices that “do no harm to the environment, soil, animals or our health.” Jonas continues, “I believe that the fields I farm are more productive and healthier than they were before I farmed them, due to my passion for doing it organically and with the principal of ‘do myself and my neighbor no harm'." The current chemical, conventional farming practices have produced lots of cheap, low nutrient-value food, herbicide-resistant weeds, loss of pollinators, and an unhealthy population.” In summing it up, Jonas offers, “Sustainability is treating the soil like a revolving checking account, never removing more than what you put in; it is not like a mine, where you remove everything of value until it is depleted.”

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