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Rob Moore

PASA Member Since 2000

Nichols, NY

Since attending his first Farming for the Future Conference, PASA has inspired Rob Moore & his family to do a number of value-added activities on their farm, to more fully learn and put into practice holistic management, and expand their network of farmers and friends. Rob has also attended and been involved in teaching PASA workshops.

They describe the term sustainable as “it goes beyond the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic sustainability, which is a useful starting point. Striving for ahimsa in an agricultural and personal context."

Rob said, "Sustainable is clearly different things to different people and businesses. It is an evolving concept and far-reaching goal when recognizing we are part of a much greater whole and have a responsibility that extends beyond are our most immediate sphere of influence. Even so, we embrace and live the responsibility in our place, although it is economically-challenging, harder on our aging bodies, and generally unrecognized/unappreciated by most others. The closer we get, the farther we realize we have to go." 

The Moores have substantially reduced their carbon footprint and minimized fossil fuel use on and off their farm. They grow what they can, and support other local farmers by buying what they can't produce themselves. They "make do, and do without". With the help of friends, they built their home using trees from the farm and they heat with wood from their forest land. They home school and care for their grandchildren. They teach, they share, they volunteer. Holistic management has helped them to more clearly identify their far-reaching goals (which engender sustainability), and to understand how seemingly mundane decisions can have significant effects on reaching/maintaining a way of being for the benefit of all.

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