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Tim Mountz

Member Since 2003
Happy Cat Organics
Kennett Square, PA
Chester County

A self described “fist-pumping seed evangelist”, Tim Mountz’s passion for farming began with an unlikely family heirloom. In 1993 Tim’s grandfather, David Haas, was killed in a car accident. He had lived his entire life on the rich soils of Lancaster County Pennsylvania and people said he didn’t have a green thumb, but a green arm. Tim’s grandmother gave him a jar of his grandfather’s beans and they turned out to have great historical and cultural importance - a passion was born.

Tim’s passion for food and farming is rooted in a deep conviction that everyone should have the skills necessary to grow and forage their own food. Happy Cat Farm is devoted to sharing Tim’s knowledge of seed saving and food growing with others.
 When asked why he decided to join PASA years ago, Tim quips, “I had no idea what I was doing and Eliot Coleman would not return any of my phone calls. So I joined PASA because I needed help, community and family. I really felt at home."

Tim continued, "My first Farming for the Future Conference was the most inspiring weekend of my life, I talked to so many people doing so many different and amazing things. The lectures (some of which I have on tape!) were so diverse. I learned better ways to do things I had been doing and tons of things I have never done before. I see people every year that I met that first year, some from my area that I have become great friends with and others I only see once a year, but we are all part of the same community.  Where else can you go and be in a room full of thousands of people that are all smiling!"

"I keep going back to the conference every year because it’s energizing, it’s radical, it’s informative and fun," Tim said. He believes that everyone interested in their local food system, involved in food production, preparation and especially eating, should attend the PASA conference and connect to their local farming community. Tim continued, “There is great power in putting a name, face and passion to the food we consume every day.”

Thanks to PASA Member, Jennifer Brodsky for the contribution of this Member Profile!

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