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Arias M. Brownback Scholarship Fund

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Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund

PASA established the Arias M. Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund by request of his parents, Terra and Mike Brownback. It is their hope this memorial fund will inspire and aid young farmers to reach their full potential.

It is intended as an endowment to help youth and other developing farmers attend our Farming for the Future Conference each year.

The scholarship expresses our commitment to providing educational opportunities for those wishing to learn sustainable agriculture techniques and methods regardless of financial position. Thanks for remembering Arias Brownback by supporting this worthy cause.

Member Feedback - Why They Donate to the Scholarship Fund

“PASA’s work is inspiring and important for the healthy food movement. When I donate to the Arias M. Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund, I know I am helping provide opportunities for young farmers to gain the resources needed for the future of all, especially our children.”

Gretchen Ludders and her husband Bob have lived in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County for 30 years. It is there that Gretchen began a small garden. Sharing her harvested vegetables and blueberries with neighbors and relatives is a rewarding experience for Gretchen. She learned about PASA four years ago through a Buy Fresh Buy Local event. She has enjoyed the PASA Farming for the Future conference every year since – feeling the programs are a good fit into her need for continued education.

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