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Program Spotlight - Good Food Neighborhood®

Good Food Neighborhood LogoThe Good Food Neighborhood® is the national community outreach program of PASA. Every day we come in contact with people who care about living sustainably -and in particular about strengthening sustainable food systems- and they see value in supporting our work and joining our efforts. We include everyone: PASA members, donors, active supporters, and thousands of other people advocating for our work through their connections with us. New community members are joining us every day and, these days, that includes over 27,000 people. In our efforts to connect people to local foods, their local farmer, and to each other, the Good Food Neighborhood™ serves as a vibrant and vital player in the local foods movement.

The Good Food Neighborhood® also provides opportunities for education, programming and services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, as well as an online presence that reaches an international audience. 2012 saw the beginning of a new effort aimed at providing workshops for consumers interested in living more sustainably. PASA is partnering with organizations, groups and individuals to provide Sustainability Schools. 

Living more sustainably is something we can all do to contribute not only to the viability of our own families, but increasingly of our local communities. PASA is well-known for its Farm-Based Education programs which highlight the skills and experience of our farmers to farm sustainably. Likewise, our local communities are gaining strength by the networking of folks who have much to offer in the way of living sustainably. Our Sustainability Schools draw on these community resources. These courses cover everything from composting to backyard poultry and beekeeping, from home energy efficiency to food preservation, and even home brewing and fermentation.

On the Good Food Neighborhood® website, we offer up-to the minute information on our Sustainability Schools and who is partnering with us, on community-building opportunities like bartering/borrowing programs, and links to some of the most active contributors of our time: authors, storytellers, and instigators, all challenging us to think about new ways of connecting with each other and even creating new frameworks for understanding the importance of community. On the site you will find our new Author Interview Series, beginning with Ben Hewitt (The Town That Food Saved and Making Supper Safe) and, soon to come, Shannon Hayes (Radical Homemakers), Charles Eisenstein (The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics) and many more. Come check us out. Everyone is welcome in the Good Food Neighborhood!

Please subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter at @goodfoodhood and visit us on Facebook.

For more information about the Good Food Neighborhood™ contact Hannah Smith, 717-250-0725.

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