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(Note: the directory linked above represents a snapshot of Business Membership as of July 2016. See the map below for an updated collection of current members.)

PASA's Business Membership comprises a diverse array of enterprises, including farms, educators, restaurants, grocery stores, service providers and community allies. Their engagement is essential to PASA’s work to support farmers and build healthy, resilient food systems.

When you support a PASA Business Member, you’re supporting a business working to build a bright future for food and farming; people who believe in the power of community to make change; and a commitment to creating the kind of food system we need - one that provides healthy food for all people, while respecting the natural environment.

We give special thanks to PASA Permanent Business Partners for their lifelong support of PASA's mission and commitment to sustainable agriculture and vibrant local food economies.

Interested in becoming a PASA Business Member? Join online or by phone or mail. (See rates and benefits information.)

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Use the map below to search for PASA Business Members by location or service type. Click a listing for website and phone number. To navigate back to all pins, click "Pins" in the left sidebar.




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