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PASA Launches Twitter Feeds

MILLHEIM, PA - The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) announces the launch of two Twitter feeds, @pasafarming and @goodfoodhood.  PASA’s foray into social media is part of a larger effort to increase awareness about regional farming issues to its members and to those who seek to learn more about sustainable agriculture.

The posts on PASA’s Twitter feeds, otherwise known as “tweets,” provide information related to sustainable agriculture and the local food economy.  Tweets from @pasafarming will be used to disseminate information relevant to its membership and will announce PASA initiatives and events, including details about its upcoming Farming for the Future Conference (#PASA2012) which will take place in State College, February 1 - 4.  @pasafarming will also be used to grow PASA’s new Member to Member program - a program designed to provide exposure to its business and nonprofit members that are offering special deals and discounts to fellow PASA members (#M2M).

The Good Food Neighborhood (@goodfoodhood) is PASA’s Community Outreach initiative.  Tweets from @goodfoodhood will focus on connecting followers with local foods and providing information about sustainable food systems (#whogrewyourfood).

PASA officially joined the realm of social media with the launch of its Facebook page in July 2010.  The addition of Twitter to PASA’s repertoire of social media outlets serves to enhance services provided to its membership and aims to promote the local food movement to a broader audience.

Increased use of social media enables PASA to reach an expanding audience, one that is increasingly concerned with the way our food is being produced and is looking for information and education relevant to those concerns.  PASA  also hosts a YouTube channel and  will launch a new website design,, in  February.

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