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Recently enacted manure management regulations in PA - need for manure management plans

Hey guys,

As you may or may not know, DEP recently enacted some long awaited rules and regulations about manure. Anyone who produces manure on farm or uses imported manure needs to have a manure management plan - written down officially, not in their heads or on the back of an envelope or......

Depending on the the size/intensity of the farm, this plan can be self generated or, in the case of those situations deemed CAFOs, will need to be formulated by a manure management specialist. This will impact many folks - from the backyard horse and chicken farmers to those with small herds and flocks to the veggie folks and market gardeners and field crop people who are importing manure....

Without being overly fearful of these rules, folks do need to be aware that they are in place now - and that compliance folks can knock on doors at any time to ensure that folks are being.... well..... compliant. I'd rather not work from a place of being fearful of punitive things, but from a place of more positiveness.

And yes, I know fully that this is a two edged sword...... We've known it's been coming for a long time but this is the first really useful information that's become available. I tried to sign up for a training session and was refused because I am not an employee of NRCS, extension or any conservation district. That being said, we're working on some ways to get the information out and also to help folks generate appropriate plans as easily as is possible. Stay tuned !

There is information about this here:

MMM Overview

including electronic copies of manure management workbooks and other information.

I have that material available as pdf files, too, should folks be interested in that. District conservation offices will also have hard copies of the workbooks available.

Please feel free to get w/ me off list about this and I will attempt to assist you as best as I am able.

Best wishes for the new year to you and all you hold dear,

Susan Beal

Susan Beal
Agricultural Science Advisor, PASA

Laughing Oak Farm

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