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PASA Board Position Statements

The PASA Board of Directors will from time to time create formal position statements on certain ag policy issues. Listed here are those statements currently published.

The PASA Board of Directors will from time to time develop formal position statements on specific agricultural policy issues. Listed here are a few statements developed over the last several years.

Marcellus Shale Drilling/Fracking
Statement on Unconventional Natural Gas Extraction - 2012
An excerpt: PASA asserts its position in favor of a moratorium on unconventional gas extraction, until it is determined that this practice will not impair the ability of farms to profitably produce healthy food while respecting Pennsylvania's air quality, water resources and the natural environment.

Genetically Modified Crops & Livestock

National Sustainable Ag Coalition Policy - 2011
An excerpt: Within the PASA membership there are legitimate differences of opinion regarding the present and future roles of genetic engineering in the context of sustainable systems.  But there should be no lack of clarity about the need for labeling, and the need to hold big companies responsible when contamination of non-GE crops occurs. 

In October 2011, PASA’s Board of Directors underscored these points when they enthusiastically endorsed a
Policy on Genetically Engineered Crops and Livestock as compiled by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC). We are proud to partner with NSAC in this way, and trust you will all recognize the value of this very carefully crafted policy statement.

Food Safety Issues
Food Safety Issues at the State and Federal Level
 - 2009
An excerpt: We at PASA believe quite simply that the most important thing anyone can do to reduce risk in the food system is to make it as locally-based as possible. A safe food system is built on trust, and trust is built on actual human relationships. Such relationships are harder to maintain the larger and more diffuse the food system becomes.

National Animal Identification System - 2006
An excerpt: Our strong preference is that farms of any size that already take full responsibility for the animals they produce by going so far as to put a name on the label – a face on the food – should be exempted from participation in the NAIS, beyond establishment of a premise ID.    This is in contrast to the full animal identification requirement that should be upheld in normal commodity marketing channels. We also believe that the interests of sustainable farmers, i.e. standards of fairness, are best maintained by state and/or local government, and not by the highly politicized halls of the USDA or the self-interested board rooms of the livestock industry.

Raw Milk
 in Pennsylvania
Raw Milk at the Boiling Point / PASA Newsletter Column - 2008
An excerpt: The PASA board has considered and reconsidered its stance on the raw milk issue broadly, and is firm in its determination to work with authorities to improve and expand the system, including advocating for changes in the law that will support the growing market for raw dairy products. This is not an indication that anyone believes the current authorities or system to be flawless or somehow beyond reproach – quite the opposite actually.

Raw Milk Permits - the C.A.R.E. Perspective - 2008
An excerpt: Our mission is to provide the healthy, nutritious foods that our members want in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Our members are knowledgeable and responsible. And as PASA members can appreciate, it is important for CARE members to be able to exercise their right to make food choices. CARE has developed guidelines for the farmers and contracts between the farmer and member explaining both parties’ responsibilities.

Position Statement on ACRE - 2004
An excerpt: The purposes of this document are to inform the members of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) and other interested parties regarding the provisions of pending legislation intended to address disputes between farmers and their neighbors across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and to clarify the position of PASA’s board of directors with respect to the issues involved. PASA has no intention of telling people how to think about these issues, but would urge every member, and indeed every citizen of the commonwealth, to express their opinions to their respective legislators and to the governor.

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